What’s the Effect of PEO Supplements?

cardiovascular diseaseParent Essential Oils (PEOs) is the ultimate solution to cancer and cardiovascular disease (CVD). It has been proven by physicians and Professor Brian Peskin. Renowned physicians worldwide have embraced that PEOs helps prevent cancer and heart disease. There are also patients who have been taking PEO supplements who can testify that it helps them recover from the illness that they are suffering.

There are patients that have been taking PEOs for about 6 months only but great changes happened to them. It lowers blood pressure, reverse hair loss (grow more hair), increase energy level, help make skin clearer and smoother and help people with insomnia to have a better sleep.

PEOs also help people for a faster healing. It helps heal 30-50% faster after surgery. It helps ease body pain. Patients truly believed that the advance medical science in PEO Solution have provided this vitality to senior citizen patients.

PEOs also helps patients who are suffering from arthritis, they now have improved knee joints when they started taking PEOs. It can also improve vision. Many people now are convinced that PEOs actually work! It’s such a positive result that it works to elderly people.

PEOs now only helps human patients, it also helps stopped seizures in dogs. A veterinary have been asked by his patient to treat his pet dog having chronic seizures. He prescribed PEOs to the dog morning and evening with meals. He was then surprised to hear from the pet owner that the dog’s seizures totally stopped just after a week.


Mike Maunu – Founder