When is Fish Oil Beneficial?

Fish oilA common question about the benefits of fish oil “Are there patients who will benefit from taking fish oil supplements for any reason?” Yes, there are two categories.

  1. a) Those not getting enough PEOs. If you don’t have sufficient, fully functional “Parents,” it is impossible to get sufficient “derivatives.” It really is that simple. Concentrate on the Parents, and the derivatives—the offspring—typically take care of themselves.
  2. b) Those with “auto-immune” disorders.

For those with “auto-immune” disorders, please be aware of the following warnings:

It is very common that there are reported benefits from prescribing fish oil to treat certain conditions from some physicians. Specifically, dermatologists report that fish oil clearly helps their patients with psoriasis. Dermatologist Jonathan Carp, MD, found out that autoimmune diseases (like psoriasis) are helped when a patient takes fish oil because the fish oil acts as an immunosuppressant.

Jonathan Carp, MD — Dermatology (USA) CASE STUDY: Eczema

“We chatted in November (2011). I just wanted to provide some feedback on one patient that I implemented the use of PEOs for atopic dermatitis. He had been taking 6g of fish oil per day as he was on some bizarre, weight-lifting-crazy, low-fat diet where the only fat he took was fish oil. I stopped his fish oil (of course!) and started PEOs in combination with good skin care and some mild topical steroids…. After fifteen doctors, seven years of severe, almost debilitating, eczema was gone in two months. An absolutely fabulous case!! Made my day!!”


Mike Maunu – Founder