Why Adulterated, Non-Functional PEOs Must Be replaced with Functional PEOs

living foods dietThe world’s leading authority on parent omega 6 and derivatives, Dr. David Horrobin’s superb article detailing EFA metabolic pathways states that, “Thus high intakes of non-EFAs (adulterated PEOs) may lead to an increased requirement for EFAs (PEOs).”

Dr. Horrobin states that adulteration by food processors causes non-functionality of Parent omega 6 (LA). This defective substance must be replaced in organs/tissue as its adulteration is at the core of all of our epidemics.

Regardless of other interventions, the patient’s consumption of Adulterated Parent omega 6 must be solved first to increase effectiveness of all other protocols.

The Living Foods diet of Dr. Rowen minimizes these potential hazards. The oxidation of Parent omega 6 from food processing becomes incorporated into LDL-C and is the root cause of defective cholesterol, thus impairing cell membrane fluidity and functionality, including impairing membrane oxygen transfer. Consumption of PEOs minimizes their damage.

Unknowingly consuming more than the amount of adulterated oils required daily without a corresponding healthy dose of fully functional, adulterated PEOs is paramount to consuming poison on a daily basis. Your body will become healthier when defective PEOs will be replaced with fully functional/unadulterated PEOs.

Research shows that the more adulterated fats you consume, the more of these poisons are incorporated into your tissues.  Eating saturated fat lowers risk of stroke. Boston Globe, 1997. This analysis confirms other researcher’s findings. This harmful incorporation causes lack of optimal functionality and oxygen impairment or hypoxia, too. Parent omega 6 is where the majority of the damage occurs.


Mike Maunu – Founder