Why Adulterated Parent Omega 6 Clogs Arteries and Impedes Blood Flow

Parent omega 3As opposed to what have been taught to us for decades, it is not the saturated fat that you consume that clogs your arteries! In 1994, Lancet article reported investigating the components of arterial plaques. In an aortic artery clog, they found that there are over ten different compounds in arterial plaque, but they found no saturated fat.

The predominant component of a clog is the adulterated omega 6 polyunsaturated oils. They are those that start out containing good PEOs, but they are ruined during commercial food processing and sold at the supermarket in thousands of products.  In the clog, there was some cholesterol found also. This is explained by the fact that cholesterol acts as a protective healer for arterial cuts and bruises.

It is not the cholesterol itself that is clogging your arteries which is contrary to what we have heard decades ago, it’s the adulterated parent omega 6. A great example is the fact that a cat, a true carnivore, lives on a diet of 100% meat. They consume lots of cholesterol, saturated fat, and “red” meat compared to humans. In result, cats should be suffering massive heart attacks on a regular basis, but they don’t. Contrary to popular belief, humans are much closer to a wolf with a 4-pint stomach that can eat once every few days than to a cow or sheep with an 8 ½ gallon stomach that has to eat constantly.

It is a fact that “Bad cholesterol” [LDL] is produced from carbohydrates. Basic Medical Biochemistry – A Clinical Approach, pages: 25-26, 512.


Mike Maunu – Founder