Why Adulterated Parent Omega 6 Clogs Arteries and Impedes Blood Flow

There were many analyses that has been carried out regarding arterial clogs and published in the medical journals, but only few physicians have seen them. Two of these publications are listed below. Omega 6

  • As the medical textbook, Molecular Biology of the Cell on page 481 makes clear, cholesterol is necessary for the structural integrity of the lipid bi-layer (the structure in each of our 100 trillion cell membranes).
  • This is precisely why the Journal of the American Medical Association, No. 272, pgs 1335-1340, 1994, published an article stating that cholesterol-lowering drugs do not work significantly to prevent heart disease. In 1993, a report titled “Cholesterol Screening and Treatment” was released by the University of Leeds in England. Drugs for lowering high cholesterol levels were given to a study’s participants. Those patients whose cholesterol was artificially lowered with drugs developed heart disease just as frequently as the drug-free cholesterol group. There were more health problems among the group taking those drugs!  Authors stated that only few people will benefit from the drug treatment based on cholesterol levels. The study discourages general cholesterol screening. Despite these findings, England’s estimated number of prescriptions for cholesterol-lowering drugs is increasing by 20% per year.

This is the main reason why cholesterol drugs can’t do the job: “LDL [cholesterol] contains up to 80% lipid (fats and oils), that includes adulterated omega 6 polyunsaturated fatty acids and cholesterol, mainly esters. Linoleic acid (LA), one of the most abundant fatty acids in LDL…”

It’s what the cholesterol is transporting, the adulterated fats (Adulterated Parent Omega 6) that is the problem. An article in Human Nutrition: Clinical Nutrition explains that it is parent omega 6 that makes up most of the fatty acids in LDL and HDL cholesterol: “Linoleic acid (parent omega 6) comprises about 55 per cent [the majority] of the fatty acids in cholesterol esters of LDL and HDL, AND about 20% of the free fatty acids in the phospholipids in each class…”

“…It must also be remembered that all tissues need EFA which must come from the diet and for most tissues through the plasma (blood) where they are almost entirely transported in lipoproteins, mainly in their cholesterol esters and phospholipids.”


Mike Maunu – Founder