Why Are “Parent” Forms PEOs Important

PEOsHuman body requires special fats for sufficient oxygen to reach the cells. These special fats are called Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) and they are highly oxygen-absorbing. However, the Parent Essential Oils (PEOs) not the EFAs are the most important. PEOs is consists of Parent omega 6 and Parent omega 3. They are called “Parent” because they are the whole form of essential oil in nature before it is broken down into other biochemical substances, which are commonly called “derivatives.

Most EFAs sold in the stores consist of concentrated or processed EFA derivatives. Human body makes its own derivatives out of the PEOs you consume as it needs them. Consumption and overdosing of fish oil and other health food “EFAs” is very harmful to the body. However, PEOs are important and must be supplied from outside the body daily because the body can’t produce them. These PEOs are from foods and certain oils like living plants and grass eating animals. Your body can’t manufacture PEOs on its own so PEOs must be consumed daily.

Most physicians and patients are often misled. Physicians are tragically prescribing what they think are essential fatty acids or EFAs to their patients. They are unknowingly prescribing derivatives of EFAs instead which is more than normally present in the body or overdoses of the derivatives EPA & DHA. Fish oil supplements in their suggested dosages for example are harmful to your body. This mistake of recommending a derivative when fully functional, unadulterated “parent” EFAs is necessary. This is the reason why research shows that fish oil supplements consistently fail to prevent any diseases especially cardiovascular diseases (CVD) as well as cancer.


Mike Maunu – Founder