Why Calcium Supplements Should Be Avoided

PEOsCalcium supplements, far from curing osteoporosis, can precipitate out of the blood, accelerating the final stages of heart disease. In 2008, there was a study in the British Medical Journal that confirmed that calcium supplements are dangerous to heart health. In fact, all physicians have been warned a decade ago that calcium supplements may increase heart risk. It reported an upward trend in cardiovascular events associated with the calcium supplements taken by subjects. It discussed elevated calcium levels accelerating vascular calcification. It showed a correlation between high calcium intake with brain lesions, with increased vascular calcification, and with mortality in dialysis patients.

Calcium need not to be supplemented, because with regards to the human body’s fundamental acid/base buffering system, stores of calcium are not required if you are consuming sufficient salt regularly. More calcium cannot correct a protein-related bone matrix deficiency. High-calcium intake does not help bone loss at all, whereas Parent Essential Oils or PEOs significantly help combat bone loss. The bone-matrix, which is the most important structure of human body, is made of PEOs and protein. High protein consumption did nothing to impair bone turnover, nor could it, based on human physiology.

In order to prevent heart disease and bone loss, you have to consume enough protein and PEOs every day instead of calcium supplements. Animal-based protein is superior to vegetable-based protein in preventing bone loss. Calcium supplements can affect your heart health and protein helps stop bone loss, so there is no worry of osteoporosis if you have enough protein. For best results, a combination of animal-based protein and vegetable-based protein is recommended every day.


Mike Maunu – Founder