Why Carbohydrates Can Cause Bloating

Bloating/PEOsHigh-carbohydrate consumption is not healthy. It increases fat storage inside your body. Overweight or obese people are those that always consume far too many of those fattening carbohydrates. Your body burns the fat automatically, but saturated fat first for energy and if there’s overdosing of carbs, they are automatically stored inside your body and they make you fat.

Normally, when you do exercise or doing strenuous activities, you are sweating water out of your body. However, if you are thirsty all the time without doing anything, then it’s because you consumed too much carbohydrates. You have to be aware that every ounce of carbs requires three ounces of water to process it. Carbohydrate acts like sponge. This only means that you become constantly thirsty and constantly drinking water and always bloated. That’s the reason why you feel extremely thirsty after eating bagel or pizza. Remember to never force-feed water, you have to drink water only when thirsty. Otherwise, by diluting blood chemistry from the excess of water, their insulin levels will drop too much too quickly and patients will stay constantly hungry.

In order to get rid of bloating or excess water gain, you have to minimize carbohydrate consumption. You have to eat more foods with essential food nutrients like Parent Essential Oils or PEOs, protein and other vitamins and minerals. Fresh fruits and minerals contain great amount of PEOs and water. They can satisfy your food cravings and also help replenish the water that you sweat out when you are doing exercise.


Mike Maunu – Founder