Why Cholesterol Can Be Dangerous

cholesterolDr. Gerhard Spiteller, a Chairholder of Biochemistry, Institute of Organic Chemistry at the University of Bayreuth has discovered urofuranoic acids and has published over 100 scientific papers. He has investigated fatty acids or EFAs since 1986 and their degradation products, specifically the influence of these substances in the physiology of mammals and plants.

Oxidized cholesterols are known to be toxic. Furthermore, it has been detected that cholesterol oxidation products are incorporated into LDL in the liver. It has been presumed that LDL transports the toxic compounds into the endothelial walls where they contribute to cell damage. In agreement to this assumption is the observation that the brain was found to be injured not by an increase in free cholesterol but by an increase in cholesterol esters.

Dr. Spiteller tells that oxidized cholesterol esters are toxic and this toxic substance is incorporated into the LDL structure. An ester just means what cholesterol is chemically attached to. In addition, he explains that “free cholesterol” in your body is not a problem, instead, it is the defective cholesterol esters, not the cholesterol itself.

Dr. Spiteller also understood the relationship between the oxygen/PEO connection and heart disease. The consumption of oxidized PUFA-cholesterol is responsible for the initial damage to endothelia cells. Consumption of butter and other derived fats present from mammals can cause heart disease. Butter also contains large amounts of saturated fatty acid. Therefore, it was deduced that saturated fatty acids induce atherogenesis. A diet of fish was also recognized to be antiatherogenic. Fish contains higher amounts of omega 3 fatty acids compared to other foods. Therefore, omega 3 fatty acids have been regarded and still assumed to be antiatherogenic.

It is the parent omega 6 that is the most significant altered substance of LDL, not saturated fat. Therefore it is the defective parent omega 6 that can cause heart disease.


Mike Maunu – Founder