Why Diabetics Need To Lessen Carbohydrate Consumption

carbohydrateIt has been known that carbohydrates are human body’s preferred source of energy and you need to consume lots of them. This is so untrue! This false information is often told by nutritionists and physicians and that’s the reason why many people are getting fat and suffering from diabetes. Natural fats are your body’s preferred source of energy and not carbohydrate. Diabetic people need to monitor and adjust their carbohydrates based on their blood glucose.

Carbohydrates are sugar. The bagels and pasta you consume produce the same blood glucose response as a can of soda or a candy bar. Furthermore, diabetic blood glucose “swings” can be catastrophic, both the short-term and long-term and must be minimized. Less consumption of carbohydrate can lessen insulin required and less chance of hypoglycemia (and hyperglycemia). So if there is no production of insulin, there is no mechanism for the body to store more fat.

Insulin is a response to carbohydrate consumption. So the fewer carbohydrates you consume, the less fat storage. From the textbook of Medical Physiology, it was stated that “Insulin promotes deposition of fat in these cells. Insulin promotes glucose transparent through the cell membrane into fat cells (making the fat cells larger). Therefore, when the insulin is not available (caused by the response to carbohydrates), even storage of large amounts of fatty acids transported from the liver in the lipoproteins is almost blocked. All aspects of fat breakdown and use for providing energy are greatly enhanced in the absence of insulin (generated from carbohydrates).”

So every diabetic need to know that you have to minimize your carbohydrate consumption to lessen insulin required. You have to eat more natural fats, protein and PEOs. You can get them from meat of animals that eat grass and other products like milk and eggs. You can also get PEOs and proteins from fruits and vegetables.


Mike Maunu – Founder