Why Do We Have to Eat PEO-based Food and Avoid Calories

PEO-based foodsBack in 1893, Dr. Adolf Fick, M.D., a medical physicist have disapproved the common misconception statement about calories, “All that matters is ‘total calories’. Whether the calorie is from protein, fat, or carbohydrate is inconsequential. All ‘calories’ consumed are either burned for energy, or stored as fat.” However, you’ll find that virtually all of nutritionist, physicians and trainers still accept this statement as true, even though it was disapproved over 100 years ago.

For over a decade, we have believed that “calories consumed minus calories expanded equals the amount of weight gain or loss.” But this simple view about “Calorie Theory” has caused widespread suffering, because when it fails, the people practicing the diet feels responsible for the failure. This is the most common example of how experts have failed you by ignoring the science. Many nutritionists and physicians have incomplete understanding of how food is used by our body.  This misunderstanding has led to variety of health problems like weight gain and loss. In our daily diet, there are certain things that we should be aware of. We have to eat the right kind of food daily and that’s PEO-based foods.

What are PEO-based foods? These are foods that contain unadulterated PEOs or natural foods that are still fresh and have not undergone any food processing and do not contain chemicals that could harm our body. PEO-based foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and meat (from grass-eater animals could help our body become healthy, lean-for-life and disease free.


Mike Maunu – Founder