Why Do We Need EFAs

Essential Fatty AcidsEssential Fatty Acids or the EFAs are Parent omega 6 and Parent omega 3, the most needed essential oils by our body to become healthy and lean-for- life.  Without them, our body becomes more susceptible to deadly diseases.  But in order to acquire the required EFAs, we need to consume foods that contain them because our body can’t produce them.

These EFAs should be consumed in their whole form to get enough omega 6 and omega 3 that our body needs. EFAs can be acquired from fruits and vegetables; however, they should be consumed fresh and raw to ensure that their nutrients and EFAs are in their “Parent” form. Cooked or processed fruits and vegetables could be dangerous to our health. It can cause serious illness like cancer. Meat is also a great source of EFAs, but it should not be over cooked or else it will lose all its proteins and EFAs. Also, the source of meat should be from the cattle animals that only eat grass. Grass is a great source of EFAs. The meat also should be cooked only to kill the contaminating bacteria in the surface of the meat.

In conclusion, EFAs or the Parent omega 6 and Parent omega 3 are essential to our diet to stay fit, healthy and lean-for-life. If we eat foods that lack the essential oils that our body needs, we will crave for more foods until the EFAs that our body needs will be fulfilled. Eating the right kind of food that our body needs will help us lose weight even exercising.


Mike Maunu – Founder