Why Do You Need Protein

proteinSome physicians and nutritionist parroted that protein is not good to human health. They said that protein is not good for the kidneys, not good for the heart and can even cause cancer. Those experts are only giving their opinions and their basis was not based on science. These recommendations about protein are all wrong, human body needs great amount of protein in order to function well. Lack of protein or protein deficiency is the cause of diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

Your body needs sufficient protein and other essential nutrients like Parent Essential Oils or PEOs and natural fats so that your body can function well and to prevent any sickness. You have to consume more foods that contain protein especially animal-based protein instead of eating carbohydrates. You have to avoid high-carbohydrate diet, because carbohydrates can make you fat, clog arteries that can lead to heart attack, slow down metabolism and can even cause cancer.

In fact, protein is very healthful. Protein helps burn fats, helps you lose weight and stops food cravings by fulfilling your appetite. It is also good for the heart and good for the bones, because it helps distribute calcium to your entire bone structure. It is also good for the kidneys, because what causes the protein to spill over into the urine is high sugar level. Normally, protein can enter the kidney without the excessive sugar. What causes kidney failure is high-carbohydrate diet, because carbohydrate has high sugar content. That’s the reason why you have to avoid carbohydrate consumption and eat more protein-based foods as well as PEOs.


Mike Maunu – Founder