Why Do You Need To Avoid Adulterated PEOs

unadulterated PEOsParent Essential Oils or PEOs are important in our diet. Our body needs PEOs in great amount to stay healthy, lean-for-life and to prevent life threatening diseases like cancer. PEOs are essential fats or EFAs (Parent omega 6 and Parent omega 3). We badly needed these EFAs because our body can’t make or produce them. What produce Parent omega 6 and Parent omega 3 are living plants (fruits and vegetables) some nuts and meat (cattle animals). PEOs must come from the food that we eat.

However, not all PEOs are good for the body. There are two types of PEOs, adulterated PEOs and unadulterated PEOs. Adulterated PEOs are the dangerous fatty acids. They come from processed foods like the ones prepared in fast food chains and restaurants. Today, this is the fastest way to get food because most of us are busy and we don’t have much time to prepare our food. We should be aware that not all the foods that we eat are healthy to our body, and we have to avoid adulterated PEOs.

What our body needs are unadulterated PEOs. These are foods that are naturally and organically fresh. They are foods that have not undergone food processing. They are fresh fruits and vegetables organically grown with no harmful pesticides used. They should be eaten fresh and raw to retain omega 6 and omega 3 in their “Parent” form. Meat from grass-eater animals is also a great source of essential fats as long as they are not overcooked.


Mike Maunu – Founder