Why Do You Need To Consume Great Amount of Living Foods Daily

PEOsPeople that eat more Living Foods feel better which means, have better digestion, more energy and less heavy. Those people have major changes in their health cleaning up their diet. Living Foods like fresh fruits and vegetables are great sources of PEOs.  However, some people with blood type O seem to eat more meat than Living Foods. These people feel better with animal protein more than any other blood group. Some people are more comfortable eating lightly steamed foods or eat more raw foods.

If you are a vegetarian, be aware of eating a variety of plant materials to optimize and maximize proper amino acid intake. You should eat 70-80% Living Foods, whether you are vegetarian or as omnivore.  It is recommended that you eat organic foods and not fast, refined, processed, GMO or fried. Required PEOs should not be oxidized in order not to lose their nutrients.

Why do you have to eat organic food?  Your body needs Living Food as a source of PEOs which are needed by your body daily. While some studies suggested that similar nutritional value between conventional and organic foods, other has found more nutritional trace minerals and less toxic metals in organic produce. Nutritional content aside, it’s the non-food components of non-organic “foods” we should be concerned about.  These include pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, GMO pesticides producing genes, unnatural coatings, waxes, chemical colorings and more.

Fruits and vegetables should be consumed fresh and raw because they have high content of (PEOs), Parent omega 6 and Parent Omega 3 that are need by our body. Therefore, they should be grown organically not to harm anybody’s health.


Mike Maunu – Founder