Why Does Protein Accelerate Fat Burning

PEOsWhen you eat one pound of meat or fish, you can only get 40% after fueling its own energy for digestion. This means about 6.4 ounces out of 16 ounces. Subtract the molecularly bonded water from 6.4 ounces and just 2 ounces left. From a one-pound piece of fish, you can have a scant 2 ounces of protein left to be used like enzyme manufacture, antibody manufacture, muscle composition and incorporation into each of your 100 trillion cells’ bi-lipid membranes. So you end up with just a little net of precious protein as well as the Parent Essential Oils (PEOs) that your body required daily. Under only drastic conditions like long-term starvation lasting over two weeks will protein be directly used for energy beyond its own digestion.  But this is rarely required; protein is too precious as well as PEOs to accelerate fat burning. So patients burn fat instead.

Assuming that you are not consuming carbohydrates, your body gets the 1,500 calories worth of energy it needs to keep you running all day long from your own body fat or from natural fats from your own diet. It can’t be from the net protein, because there is so little left. By following the PEO Solution, you will perfectly accomplish your goal of becoming and the remaining lean-for-life.

Amazingly, you can lose about one-half pound of fat by eating one pound of animal-based protein a day. Just note that, you don’t have to consume this much meat, the point is that you can without adverse effects, as long as adequate PEOs are consumed as well.


Mike Maunu – Founder