Why Exercise is Not Good for the Heart Condition

heart attacksThe fact is contrary to popular belief and the belief of many doctors, regardless of physical condition, the condition of the heart remains essentially the same.  People believe that the more you exercise, the stronger you would think that the heart should be. The idea that the heart “gets stronger and becomes more efficient” is not true. The heart is already in superb condition without “extra” stimulus.

In fact, the negative side-effects of excessive exercise are significant and they are not frequently discussed. Frequent abnormal electrocardiograms (EKGs), an enlarged heart and joint disorders frequently occur. Yes, athletes often have enlarged hearts which often lead physicians to think they were ill, if they weren’t athletes!

Fitness is normally measured by the rate of O2 (oxygen) consumption, yet this means nothing to your heart. It is related essentially to muscles ONLY. Likewise, exercise does virtually nothing beneficial for your lungs, either. “Running, no matter what you have been told, primarily trains and conditions the muscles.” This is from, Dr. George Sheehan, the guru of running. What increases in efficiency is the smooth muscle tissue in the airways to the lungs. Columbia cardiologist Dr. Jonathan Moldover denies there is even such a thing as “cardiovascular fitness,” because fitness is related to peripheral changes only. Fit people, which include marathon runners, drop dead of heart attacks from clogged arteries frequently. An M.D. bodybuilder, who trained in the gym, yet died of a heart attack at the age of 39. Dr. Moldover spoke of this in 1979 and few listened.


Mike Maunu – Founder