Why Fish Oil and Overdosing on Omega 3 can Kill You

fish oil supplementsIn 1990, William E. Lands conducted a research and found out that the amount of critical parent omega 6 in the tissues was dependent on diet. In 2002, at world’s 1st Essential Fatty Acids and Human Nutrition & Health International Conference in Shanghai, China it was discovered that fish oil lowers immunity.

The International Society for the Study of Fatty Acids and Lipids (ISSFAL) 4th Congress, on June 4-9, 2000 in Tsukuba, Japan, reported the startling fact that “Overdosing on fish oil supplements can significantly decrease the effectiveness of your immune system, increasing your risk of contracting cancer”.

Fish oil does not prevent heart disease nor stop the thickening of the artery.  On the contrary, the artery wall got thicker or it worsened with fish oil ingestion! Cardiovascular Research reported that both fish oil groups and the control groups showed close to equal atherosclerotic progression (getting more clogged in spite of taking fish oil supplements).

A mere 1.65 grams per day of fish oil supplement is great enough dose to cause adverse immunity and cause excessive internal bleeding, too. These results were published in 2002 showing the failure of fish oil. Experts in the nutritional, medical fields and even the government are not aware of the harmful effects of fish oil.

Harvard Medical School was involved in the next study, titled “Controlled Trial of Fish Oil for Regression of Human Coronary Atherosclerosis.” The daily dose was 6 grams of fish oil vs. 6 grams of olive oil in the control group. Their conclusion shows that “Fish oil treatment for 2 years DOES NOT promote major FAVORABLE CHANGES in the diameter of atherosclerotic coronary arteries.” That means arterial clogging was not decreased with the fish oil supplement. You can eat all the fish all you can, but stay away from fish oil supplements. Far from helping you, they will harm your health.


Mike Maunu – Founder