Why Fish Oil Doesn’t Work

fish oil It has been reported that there was 15,000 studies done about fish oil. You have to consider there have been so many studies needed to be done if it really works. When you hear terms like “1,000 studies show…” simply ask, “why so many?” You are being deceived.

If just one experiment or study has been conducted, the result is either significant in effectiveness which is working very well on the vast majority of patients or it isn’t.  In order to double check, another group performs the same experiment once more, to confirm it. This is the case that happened to fish oil, which has undergone to several experiments to prove that it works, but in the end it fails. That’s it. (As an example of both high effectiveness and high significance see www.brianpeskin.com for the IOWA Study.)

Before any experiment or study is conducted, one should have a good idea of what the result will be based on established physiology and biochemistry. The experiment should merely confirm the science.  Take fish oil as a prime example. There were several studies conducted, but it doesn’t work to patients. Fish oil doesn’t work because it can’t work. It can’t work because there are no significant metabolic pathways that omega-3 EFA derivatives influence that could possibly give those supposed “extraordinary” results (see www.brianpeskin.com for “Fish Oil Fallacies” report). A quick review of physiology reveals why it can’t work. Humans don’t live in frigid cold waters like most fish do. EPA/DHA oxidize (turn rancid and spoil) automatically at room temperature and oxidize even more rapidly at body temperature.


Mike Maunu – Founder