Why Fish Oil Has Been Rejected as a Heart Health Measure

heart healthFish oil supplement has become a popular that could help with heart health as well as cancer. Health professionals and physicians are prescribing fish oil to their patients who have cardiovascular disease, cancer, arthritis and diabetes. But tragically, most of them are not aware that fish oil is dangerous to human health. Instead of helping cure patients with their diseases, it has been the root cause of these diseases and could worsen any diseases.

Researchers were also using fish oil that contain adulterated Parent omega 6 when they are conducting their studies and in the food that they are feeding the animals in their studies. Fish oil is poisonous for animals and they researchers are not aware that they are poisoning the animals that are using. People in the medical field rely on fish oil and they were misled by what they have read and learned.

Professor Brian Peskin have discontinued using fish oil supplement and have used appropriate ratio of the Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), Parent omega 6 and Parent omega 3 or the PEOs for three years. Then the medical field finally accepted and embraced the fact that fish oil can’t help with any heart health problems. It has been reported that fish oil fails to prevent heart diseases as well as cancer and diabetes. In Italy, they have done a study by letting high risk patients use fish oil supplementation and the result is completely ineffective in preventing heart disease.  Also, theheart.org recommended that fish oil supplementation cannot prevent cardiovascular disease (CVD).


Mike Maunu – Founder