Why Fish Oil Overdosing is Harmful

fish oil overdosingFish oil causes dangerous physiologic changes, much more than even the adulterated corn oil. An excess of fully functioning Parent omega 6 would not have this harmful effect.

Given these unmistakable results of food processing and fish oil overdosing, physicians should consider prescribing / recommending PEO supplementation to all patients while ceasing the consumption of fish oil/marine oils.

Organic / unprocessed Parent omega-6 is rarely used in clinical trials. As expected, outcomes from studies using adulterated oils are typically negative. The number one cause of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes is adulterating oils by hydrogenating or interesterifying them or commercially processing oils/heating natural oils. There are many physicians that are differentiating adulterated from unadulterated Parent omega 6. And that includes Professor Stephen Anton et al. He published a superb 2013 review titled, “Differential effects of adulterated versus unadulterated forms of linoleic acid on cardiovascular health”:

  • The focus of this critical review is on the controversy surrounding the effects of dietary intake of LA [Parent omega-6] on cardiovascular health.
  • It is critical to distinguish between the effects of unadulterated versus adulterated forms of LA to understand the true effect of this fatty acid on cardiovascular health.
  • The failure to distinguish between the effects of adulterated versus unadulterated forms of LA [Parent omega-6] on cardiovascular health has led to incorrect conclusions that dietary intake of LA increases CVD risk.

Not consuming fully chemically processed oil was a major step forward. This is simply “lack of a negative.” With experiments utilizing fully functional, unprocessed / organic Parent omega-6 the results are spectacular as demonstrated in the IOWA (screening) Experiment.


Mike Maunu – Founder