Why Fish Oil Reduces Parent Omega 6 in the Mitochondrial Tissue

fish oil supplementationFish oil supplementation changes important mitochondrial composition that anti-aging physicians need to see this. In 2005, Jon Ramsey published a paper showing that both (adulterated) corn and fish oil reduces Parent omega-6 in the mitochondrial tissue, while drastically increasing the entire omega-3 series, resulting in altered regulation of energy production.

  • “Six-month-old male FBNF1 rats were fed diets with a primary fat source of either corn or fish oil for a 6-month period.” 3 generations of EFA deficiency resulted in reduced brain size in rats. British Journal of Nutrition, 1973; 29:127-137.


  • “Studies have reported that long-term calorie restriction (CR), an intervention that has consistently been shown to increase maximum lifespan, increases mitochondrial linoleic acid [Parent omega 6] content and decreases the content of docosahexaenoic acid [DHA].”


With either the Parent omega 6 in the food either adulterated corn oil or fish oil, the Parent omega 6 in the entire mitochondria decreased from 19% down to 15%. That is a 20% decrease of the amount found in the tissue itself. But DHA composition increased from 3.9% to 12.7%—a 3-fold increase in the tissue. In fact, the entire omega-3 (n-3) series went from 6.3% up to 25.5%—a 4-fold increase—when overdosed with supra-pharmacological levels of either (adulterated) corn or fish oil. Your body doesn’t want either adulterated Parent omega-6 or fish oil.


  • “Nevertheless, the top-down metabolic control analysis results show that the regulation of oxidative phosphorylation [energy production] is altered in animals consuming diets where the primary lipid source is either fish or (adulterated) corn oil, and this compliments previous work showing that dietary fat composition can influence mitochondrial ATP production and the activity of electron transport complexes.”

The damage fish oil does to the all-important mitochondria is eloquently proven by this study. Independent experiments have confirmed this harmful effect.


Mike Maunu – Founder