Why Fish Oil Supplementation Should Be Stopped

fish oil failureWe are well-aware that many people are consuming fish oil because they believe that it contain Parent omega 3. What majority don’t know that fish oil does not contain neither Parent omega 3 nor Parent omega 6. Most health professionals and physicians also believed that by recommending their patients with fish oil will help their patients with Parent Essential Oils (PEOs) deficiency. The truth is, fish oil is neither an Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) nor Bio-identical to EFAs in structure/Function. In short, fish oil supplementation is not good for your health.

Dr. Rowen and Professor Brian Peskin are educating people about the fish oil failures. Dr. Brian Peskin has conducted a study that proves fish oil’s failure to help patients and failure to prevent cancer. Fish oil is not an answer to any health issues and they should be avoided. Patients who have been taking fish oil supplements should stop consuming them; any marine oil overdose is harmful to anyone’s health. Fish oil does not work as it claimed.

Researchers who have used fish oil in their studies have poisoned their animal subjects. Even physicians who have recommended fish oil supplements to their high risk patients do not affect them either.  If you are taking any marine oil/fish oil, better stop it now before it’s too late. Fish oil contains adulterated oils/processed oils that are squeezed from fish. The oil has undergone adulteration process and is very toxic to human health. So if you still value your health, please begin taking PEOs, they are plant-based omega oils.


Mike Maunu – Founder