Why Food Nutrients are wiped Out When Heated

Oxidized cholesterolHuman body simply needs natural oils or Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs). These natural oils or Parent Omega 6/Omega 3 sources are plants or living foods that we eat and grass-eater animals. However, when Parent Omega 6/Omega 3 is heated, they could be dangerous to your health. The ability of oil to withstand high temperatures before smoking is an additional reason fried foods are the worst things you can eat. Aside from the damaged oils, the heat wipes out all the nutritional value from natural oils.

You have to consider the impact of heat on cholesterol oxidative damage in your food. (We know that cholesterol isn’t the bad guy, it is the oxidized or heated cholesterol is the problem. Oxidized cholesterol is taken up in your vascular endothelial cells and seen by your immune system as “foreign.” An immune attack is launched against these foreign molecules and your own tissues take a huge hit.)

With raw fish heated, pan-fried in vegetable oil, or steamed, the sum of Cholesterol Oxidation Products (COPs) is increased from 4-fold to 10-fold after the heating processes. This represents a 400%–900% increase in COPs. Strangely enough, the highest amount of COPs was found in steamed fish over pan-fried fish, which was attributed to longer heat exposure. The authors of this study concluded that even salmon, touted for its heart-sparing effects, could provide COPs as a potential toxicological health risk.

Uncooked fresh butter had virtually NO COPs. So the fears about the saturated fats in butter are hogwash, “The French Paradox Resolved.” Furthermore, as Prof. Peskin makes clear, there is NO SATURATED FAT in an arterial occlusion.


Mike Maunu – Founder