Why Heating Fats is Toxic to Human Health

natural fatsYou are probably aware how important natural fats, in their original unadulterated states are. These natural fats are Parent omega 6/omega 3. You should be aware also about the science behind what happens when you heat or cook fats. The extensive study which showed that heated foods can produce deficiencies that extend for generations is called, Pottenger’s cats. Parent omega 6/omega 3 easily oxidized when heated and they needed to be replenished.

Smorgasbord of oxidized fats, aldehydes and volatile compounds enter your body when you heat fats.  All the nutrients from Parent omega 6/omega 3 will be gone when you heat natural fats. How does this happen and what is the result?

All fats in nature that you eat are in the form of triglycerides, which are composed of three fatty acids and glycerol (a sugar alcohol compound). Heat breaks the bonds of the natural triglycerides, making free fatty acids, which are toxic, and an independent risk factor for sudden death in middle-aged men.

Heat in the presence of oxygen not only breaks these bonds (releasing the free fatty acids) but also further damages the fats, producing other non-naturally occurring compounds that can be dangerous to you. (For those technically inclined, please see the Scientific Support for chapter 8 at PEO-Solution.com for a more detailed explanation.)

Remember, Parent omega 6/omega 3 are healthy fats but when oxidized becomes damaged fats which can cause vascular disease. We are simply dumping  into our bodies a horrible mishmash of molecules not found in nature, not native to foods, and not metabolizable by the body, which can give rise to most any toxic bodily reaction, especially damage to cell membranes.


Mike Maunu – Founder