Why Human Body Requires Protein

proteinAt least half of the human body is comprised of muscle, which only means that over half of your body is protein-based. Also, several biochemical processes require protein-based enzymes and hormones. The hemoglobin in your blood is also protein-based and half of all of your cells contain a membrane that is half protein. And in order to repair damaged tissues, vitamins need protein. Therefore, human body needs protein in a regular basis in order to function well.

Your body requires lots of protein and in order to fulfill the required amount, you need to consume protein-based foods that contain lots of protein. You may have been told that protein is bad for your kidneys, osteoporosis is caused by excessive protein and protein turns to fat when you stop doing exercise. These notions are physiologically wrong! Protein is not a health threat; your body needs protein more than you know. In fact, protein is good for the bones because protein binds calcium to the bone rather than removing it. Protein helps protect you against osteoporosis by strengthening your bones rather than weakening them. Also protein is not the reason why when athletes stop exercising, they gain lots of fats. The reason why they get fat is that they continue to eat high-carbohydrate diet. Athletes or people that are doing exercises every day can continue to eat carbohydrates without getting fat, however, when they stop exercising or stops any physical activities, the get fat. In fact, protein is good for metabolic rate. It helps you lose weight, because protein can satisfy your appetite and stops food cravings.

Now you’ve learned why you need to consume lots of protein every day. Animal-based protein contains more protein compared to plant-based protein. For you to become lean-for-life and disease-free, you need to consume essential nutrients and that includes Parent Essential Oils or PEOs and protein.


Mike Maunu – Founder