Why Ketones Are Needed By Your Body

KetonesAnother thing the high carbohydrate proponents will try to scare you about is ketones and ketosis. Some experts like dietitians and nutritionists will try to tell you that consuming low carbohydrate, high protein and high fat diet will harm you by putting you in a harmful metabolic state that lowers blood pH, etc. Their argument are not based in science, but just based in what they have been told about. They don’t really understand the complicated biochemistry behind the basics of nutrition. They only use pure emotion just to attempt to scare you in order to believe them. The truth is, ketones are needed by our body. They are normal fuels of respiration and are important sources of energy, while ketosis is the result from the burning of your own body fat.

Contrary to what experts said, ketones are more needed by your body and they are very important and useful, because ketones are great sources of energy. Ketones are required in fat burning for energy. Therefore, it is important that you consume only the right amount of carbohydrate when you plan to burn your own fats later on or if you are planning to go to the gym or exercise in the afternoon or at night. However, it is not advisable that you burn fat when you are in a low-carbohydrate diet. You will be burning fat too fast and it will result to ketosis, which is dangerous to your health. Just like PEOs, ketones are needed by your body to function well and become lean-for-life.


Mike Maunu – Founder