Why Natural Fats Are Important

natural fatsNatural fat is very important to every cell in human body, because the 100 trillion cell membranes of the human body contain 50% fat. For you to remain healthy, it is critical that you consume fat (natural fat) every day. Not all fats are bad, which was incorrectly recommended by some experts. There are two types of fats, the bad fats and the good fats, and the most important fats that your body needs are the good or natural fats that you get from the food that you eat every day. The bad fats are the man-made fats or the unnatural fats like preserved oils or they are the fats that you get from processed foods.

You should avoid or minimize the consumption of processed foods, which usually contains bad fats that endangers human health. These unnatural fats are usually created by man to preserve or to avoid spoilage. In fact, some of these fats were banned from selling, like margarine, peanut butter and thousands of processed foods that are being sold in the local market. As long as these fats were processed in order to preserve them, they are harmful to human body when eaten. However, this is in contrast with Parent Essential Oils or PEOs, they are not harmful because they contain unprocessed or unadulterated fats. PEOs sources such as meat (natural/organic) and other natural products like cheese and milk contains natural fats. They are helpful and important because they are still in their parent forms, so their nutrients are still intact.


Mike Maunu – Founder