Why Not All Fats Critical To Human Health

natural fatsNatural fat is not harmful to human body. In fact, it is important that you eat natural fats daily in order to remain healthy. Medical science has proven it in the Jane Brody’s article in New Your Times health column entitled, “Women’s Health Risk Linked to Kinds of Fats, Not Total”. In her article, she had quoted from Dr. Willett from Harvard University’s School of Public Health who stated that, “The total percentage of total fat in our diet probably doesn’t make much of a difference. It’s about time we discard that recommendation altogether and focus on what is really important: the type of fat.” Unfortunately, only few people heard about this insightful message. The problem with nutritional recommendations regarding fat is that all types of fa are lumped together and incorrectly termed as “bad”.

It is tragic that nutritional recommendations are not updated based on the latest scientific findings. Dr. Frank Hu, also from Harvard University also quoted in the same with Jane Brody, “Here we’re talking total fat being almost irrelevant to heart disease risk and emphasizing the type of fat. I think it’s going to be very controversial in that respect.” The new recommendation is, not all fats are harmful to human health. There are “good fats” and “bad fats”. Natural fats like the Parent Essential Oils or PEOs are good fats and they are critical in every cell of your body. PEOs are unadulterated essential fats or unprocessed fats or still in their “parent” forms. You can only acquire them from unprocessed foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, natural/organic meat that came from animal that only eats grass and other organic poultry products like cheese and eggs. However, those “bad fats” are those fats that are adulterated or have undergone food processing like hydrogenated peanut butter, margarine and meat from animal that eats animal feeds or foods that you can buy from food chains.


Mike Maunu – Founder