Why our Body Doesn’t Need Fish Oil Supplement

fish oil supplement

Back in the days, fish oil has become popular and was being recommended by physicians and medical researchers to patients. It has been known that fish oil can cure serious diseases such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease (CVD). However, they didn’t know that the fish oil effects to patients are negative and instead of preventing them from illness, they are exposing them to dangerous diseases.

Medical researchers trustingly credit fish oil supplement for several unproven benefits. There were more than 15,000 studies conducted on fish oil, but majority of them failed, which is not enough to prove that fish oil could truly prevent diseases. Even researchers don’t even understand what they are measuring. Why do they have to conduct such immense number of experiments? If the supplement really works, just a few studies and confirmations are required just to prove that it really works. When the fish oil supplement was tested to numerous patients with or without terminal illness, it continued to fail.

Fish oil is truly wrong and it can’t prevent any diseases, instead it can aggravate more illness which could be deadly to patients especially those with cardiovascular diseases and in terminal stage. The reason for this is, fish oil has been extracted from dead fish. Meaning, it started with rejected fish and then it undergoes processing just to extract the oil from the dead fish. Fish oil is a highly processed food; therefore, it is extremely dangerous when consumed especially in large quantities when routinely taken by patients.


Mike Maunu – Founder