Why Our Body Needs Essential Fatty Acids (Parent Omega 3 and Omega 6)

natural fatsOur body needs natural fats like (Parent omega 3 and parent omega 6) and protein.  They are essential to our body because our body can’t make them. We can get them from the food we eat like plants and animals that are grass eaters. Plants are great source of Essential fatty acids (EFAs).

A low calorie diet is deficient in essential nutrients. What really provides more of this essential nutrient is a low carbohydrate diet which is higher in fat and B vitamins. For optimal heal health, natural fats (including Saturated fats) are important. These fats contain omega 3 and omega 6. The altered, processed, and artificial fats (transfats) infusing a low calorie diet are extremely hazardous to your health. They deprive your body of important nutrients. Commercial processed foods that contain these artificial fats, along with artificial sweeteners, and highly processed foods can cause cancer, diabetes, heart disease and more.

Vegetables cannot provide the vitamins and minerals that or body needs to be healthy because these nutrients are locked in the cellulose (plant fiber). It’s a fact that “Cellulose [fiber] cannot be digested by humans. “ Essentials of Biochemistry, pg 185. Cellulose is food for a cow or a pig. Cellulose is technically termed a phytate in the medical biochemistry textbooks. Phytates are dangerous because they deplete essential minerals. Our body is designed to get our minerals and nutrients like the EFAs (Parent omega 3 and omega 6) from animals that eat plants. A typical low carb diet contains only a small serving (or 2) a day of low carb vegetables. Cutting out starchy vegetables that contain high levels of carbohydrates will eliminate some calories. It is important to remember that calorie-filled natural fats are encouraged when eating low carb.


Mike Maunu – Founder