Why PEOs Are Beneficial To Athletes?

PEO supplementsPEOs are recommended to all athletes to improve performance. It also helps attain a leaner physique and more strength. PEOs are recommended to all athletes to improve performance. Every professional athlete that includes basketball, players, football players, hockey players, martial artists and PGA players should include PEOs with their training routine to have advantage with other athletes.

PEOs could benefit athlete’s performance and help after workout muscle performance recovery as explained by Professor Brian Peskin in his article. For a short-term benefit, PEOs helps reduce lactic acid burn. But with the continued use of PEOs, its long term-benefit is more impressive. It helps increase lean body mass and helps decrease total fat mass which is the perfect goal for every body builder aspirant.

For years, many athletes have been using fish oils supplements, but instead of helping out with their goals in improving their strength, it brought numbers of problems.  They easily get tired after training, having trouble getting rid of abdominal fat and development of bruises on different parts of their body. But when they switched to PEO supplements, their appetite and cravings decreased and they easily lose weight.

For athletes, regular diet is very important. Lower carbs and high levels of protein are needed and combined with EFA are needed to achieve the leaner and muscular body. Having a lean body, this means lesser fat and more muscles helps athletes move faster.  So, every professional athlete should include PEOs in their regular diet to achieve their dream physique and to be a competitive athlete without taking more supplements like fish oil to endanger their body.


Mike Maunu – Founder