Why PEOs are Better than Fish oil According to Professor Brian Peskin

fish oil failuresHere’s the truth, you can eat fish because it is a natural food. However, fish oil supplements are unnatural and a processed food. Therefore, fish oil supplement is not healthy for your body.

Professor Brian Peskin was the first one that provided experiment after experiment and study after study of numerous fish oil failures. The truth is, the number of fish oil failures is likely many times greater than the research shows. There were vast amount of data from Prof. Peskin about the spontaneous auto-oxidation of marine oil.  DHA is a stunning 320 times more prone to auto-rancidity than monounsaturated olive oil, and seven times more prone than Parent omega-6.

There were conflicting human findings in fish oil studies and most studies were really improperly performed.  Furthermore, fish oil “studies” were almost never controlled against Parent oils. Considering the fact that most people are seriously PEOs deficient, many could have benefited from their derivatives such as those that fish oils contain. However, much more significant is that in the very few studies which actually compared fish oils head to head with plant-based PEOs as a control, PEOs always won hands down.

By connecting all the dots, then seeing fish oil failures, then seeing fish oil dangers, and then considering the extreme heat/oxygen liability of fish oils, it became easy to break free of the fish oil myth/paradigm and climb onto Prof. Peskin’s PEO bandwagon.


Mike Maunu – Founder