Why PEOs are Needed to have a Healthy Brain

PEOsIt has been expected that Alzheimer’s incidences would decrease if PEO deficiencies were eliminated, but it has not been proven yet.

Today, ADD and ADHD have become common disorders with children and with no end in sight.  A study shows that a significant number of ADD children particularly 40% of them, had significant deficiencies of PEOs as measured in their blood.

It has been known that males have a much greater PEOs requirement compared to females. This is a reasonable explanation as to why the disorder is much higher in males. PEOs also have a soothing effect on the endocrine system.

To restore health in ADD/ADHD children, it is preferable to use nutritional means whenever possible, as there are many physical conditions that manifest the same symptoms as ADD/ADHD which should first be eliminated as possible causes prior to resorting to behavior modifying drugs such as Ritalin. Allergies, nutritional deficiencies, and toxicities are just some examples of ADD/ADHD symptoms. Parents of ADD/ADHD children should be well informed about this disorder and be cautious before giving their child some medications. Some medications prescribed by physicians could be dangerous to the health of young children. The article “50” Conditions Mimicking ADHD” lists fifty conditions parents should have their physicians check for before they settle for the diagnosis of ADD or ADHD in their child.


Mike Maunu – Founder