Why PEOs Became an Anti-Aging Solution

“Anti-agiAnti-agingng” has become the largest growing segment of medicine and regardless of specialty, physicians can surely benefit from patients’ increasing demands for anti-aging solutions. As discovered by experts, Parent Essential Oils (PEOs) offers unprecedented patient solutions for this new market segment.

Connection between PEOs and the integrity of cell membranes has been detailed by scientist Dr. A.J. Hulbert in his paper, “Metabolism and Longevity: Is There a Role for Membrane Fatty Acids?”  In his paper, he discussed the damage to the cell membranes caused by lipid peroxidation. In this process lipids in cell membranes are degraded by free radicals. As free radicals grab electrons, they produce reactive molecules that become involved in a damaging chain reaction that weakens the cell membrane. Of particular concern is the mitochondrial membrane, which helps to determine longevity. It is mostly polyunsaturated fatty acids that are affected.

  • “Although unknown in Rubner’s time (Rubner was a scientist studying metabolic rate and correlated longevity), one aspect of body composition of mammals also varies with body size, namely the fatty acid composition of membranes. Fatty acids vary dramatically in their susceptibility to peroxidation and the products of lipid peroxidation are very powerful reactive molecules that damage other cellular molecules.”
  • “It is apparent that membrane composition is regulated for each species. The exceptional longevity of Homo sapiens combined with the limited knowledge of the fatty acid composition of human tissues support the potential importance of mitochondrial membranes in determination of longevity.”
  • “The insight that the exceptionally long-living species, Homo sapiens, potentially provides for understanding the mechanisms determining animal longevity, is that the fatty acid composition of mitochondrial membranes may be much more important than the composition of other cellular membranes.”

Dr. Hulbert explained that membrane lipid composition is species specific. The journals articles referenced above examine forced overdoses. Diet typically has a minimal effect on its composition EXCEPT when unnaturally overdosed (as with flax oil or fish oil). This excess has to get incorporated improperly into tissue—it all can’t simply be “burned up” for energy. Physicians specializing in anti-aging know about the importance of mitochondrial function. Dr. Hulbert emphasizes the importance of structural integrity and that requires plenty of fully functional, unadulterated Parent Omega 6.


Mike Maunu – Founder