Why PEOs is A Better Solution than Fish Oil

fish oil failure

Millions of people have been taking fish oil as a supplement and cure for deadly diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes as prescribed by other physicians. With so many people taking fish oil supplements, many people are getting sicker with more colds, flu and other ailments instead of getting cured.

There’s a much better solution and you have to understand that Parent Essential Oils or PEOs alone often allow production of sufficient derivatives to help these conditions, without the lowering of the entire human immune system. Therefore, PEOs alone should be prescribed first. Taking a substance like fish oil prophylactically can bring about a great tragedy. Like steroids, fish oil may have a place in treating specific autoimmune disease under direct physician care, for a finite period of time. Just like steroids, overuse of fish oil can cause a lot of problems like heart problems.

If fish oil cannot cure or prevent any sickness, therefore, fish oil is not necessary for a long and healthy life. But unlike fish oil, PEOs reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Human body needs enough amounts of PEOs to help your body function very well. You can get PEOs and other nutrients such as protein by eating a raw vegetarian diet which naturally contains small amounts of unadulterated PEOs. You can also get essential amount of PEOs as well as large amount of protein from meat (from cattle animals). You can also eat animal-based products such as cheese, milk and eggs as long as those animals eat organic food such as grass, which is a great source of PEOs.


Mike Maunu – Founder