Why Processed Foods Are Not Healthy

processed foodsToday, several people are suffering from deadly diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease or CVD, diabetes and even obesity or overweight problems. And the number one cause of these health problems is unhealthy diet. Modern people are busy with their careers and they tend to buy their meals from restaurants and food chains. They don’t have time preparing their meals at home for themselves, their children or for the rest for their family. They are not aware that these prepared foods are not healthy and are dangerous to their health, especially to their young children. These foods usually contain preservatives that can cause diseases such as cancer, CVD, and diabetes. Processed foods can also make you fat or gain more fat.

Human body is designed to eat natural foods that are available in their environment like fresh fruits and vegetables. The food that you eat should be fresh from the nature itself, because your body needs more nutrients in order to function well. However, when these foods are being cooked or the longer you cook it, the smaller the nutrients you get. Food processing destroys nutrients. So it’s better that you eat them fresh and raw, especially pant-based foods. Your body needs more nutrients like Parent Essential Oils or PEOs, as well as natural fats and protein. Your appetite can be fulfilled easily if you eat the right kind of diet that your body needs. Meat and fish are also nutritious foods, they are great sources of protein as well as natural fats. They also help satisfy your food cravings. You can cook meat as well as fish, but not overcook them to retain their nutrients. So if you want to stay fit and healthy, you should prepare your own meal and avoid processed foods from food chains and restaurants.


Mike Maunu – Founder