Why Protein is Good for The Bones

Parent Essential OilsOsteoporosis is a significant concern today and especially for women. The textbook of Medical Physiology gives insight about what osteoporosis is:

“Osteoporosis is the most common of all bone diseases in adults, which results a diminished organic bone matrix rather than from poor bone calcium.”

It’s the bone matrix that is impacted in osteoporosis-not a lack of calcium or other minerals. For those people with medical background or have gone to medical schools in the past, this critical important fact may have been forgotten.

Based from a research conducted shows that protein does not leach out calcium from your bones and surprisingly, the result shows the opposite. That’s the reason why Textbook of Medical Physiology further explains the critical role protein plays with regards to calcium. Calcium is absorbed in direct proportion to how much calcium-binding protein is in the body. This is a subject where Dr. Rowen and Professor Brian Peskin have drawn different conclusions.

Calcium is transported via protein. Along with the protein, the calcium is actually going into the cell, not being taken away. Therefore a lack of protein is one of the significant causes of osteoporosis. Yet we are told to consume more calcium to mitigate bone loss, potentially contributing to heart disease.

You have to consume protein-based foods, but you should eat animal-based protein to gain more PEOs. The bone matrix itself is composed of protein-based collagen and Parent Essential Oils (PEOs). The most important thing that you must understand here is, the bone matrix is made of protein and PEOs. It only means that PEO deficiency causes osteoporosis.


Mike Maunu – Founder