Why Protein Is Good For Your Diet

ProteinProtein is ideal for human diet based on science. Protein has unique property and can be converted into body fat. Another unique property of protein is the majority you have consumed can be burned up in its own digestion, which means your own body fat is used for energy. Protein also helps fulfill your appetite, these natural fats are critical to keep you full. 30-40 % of the proteins you consumed are being used for your body’s vital function and the rest, which are the majority of the protein you have consumed helps fuels your own body’s digestion.

By eating animal-based protein every day, you can lose about one-half pound of body fat. When you consume proteins, majority of it are being used for digestion, so there’s only little left for other functions inside your body. Protein is a precious commodity that’s why your body needs a great amount of it every day. Animal-based protein contain large amount of protein compared to vegetable-based protein. Natural/organic meat is the best source of protein, but you have to make sure that the meat is from an animal that eats grass. Other animal products that contain protein are eggs and dairy products like cheese and milk.

Meat also is a great source of natural fats which also helps fulfill your appetite. It is also a great source of Parent Essential Oils or PEOs. And these PEOs are needed for your body to produce Essential Fatty Acids or EFAs. So if you want to lose weight, become and stay healthy and lean-for-life, consume more protein and other nutrients such as PEOs and natural fats.


Mike Maunu – Founder