Why Protein is Important

animal-based proteinYou often hear from nutritionists and misled that the third-world and developing countries eat better and nutritious diet than the US. The main reason why their diet are more nutritious because their foods are produced with far less refinement and food processing and they also eat more PEOs-based foods and more on vegetable-based protein. However, when it comes to eating unprocessed oils, it isn’t true when it comes to critical protein requirements. Vegetable-based protein is inferior to animal-based protein. Meat is a great source or protein as well as PEOs.

The presence of less digestible protein fractions, high levels of insoluble fiber and high concentrations of antinutrional factors in the diets of developing countries, which are based on less refined cereals and grain legumes such as beans, chickpeas, lentils, peanuts, soybeans and more as major sources of protein are poor digestibility of protein. Some of them are also great sources of PEOs, but proteins are also needed for fat-burning.

Antinutritional factors may occur naturally, such as glucosinolates in mustard and rapeseed or Canola protein products, trypsin (which is required for digestion) inhibitors and hemagglutinins that can cause heart attacks in legumes, tannins in legumes and cereals, phytates in cereals and oilseeds, and gossypol in cottonseed protein products.

Today, protein deficiency has become a significant issue. Many experts and nutritionists have been giving their opinions, not science. It is important that sufficient proteins are needed as well as other nutrients like PEOs in order for our body to function well and burn fats fast. High-carbohydrate diet must be stopped and you should be eating more protein-rich especially from meat.


Mike Maunu – Founder