Why There’s a Massive increase of Breast Cancer Rate

breast cancer

Breast cancer becomes the #1 cancer plague to women around the world. The increase of breast cancer rate has been explained for the first time by Dr. Warburg’s discovery about lack of oxygen to the cells. The breasts consist of a remarkably high amount of fatty tissue. A typical cell membrane in muscle tissue is half fat and contains about one-third Essential fatty acids or EFAs (oxygen transferors). Fatty tissue like the breast contains areas of 80-95% fat concentration. These fatty components of breast tissue require and should have high EFA concentrations (Parent omega 6 / omega 3), but because of modern food processing, they lack the amount of EFAs that is required.  Other important organs such as the brain, heart, lungs, and kidneys also require EFAs on a priority basis.  There may not be enough left over to ensure that breast tissue receives an adequate amount of EFAs.

Therefore, oxygen deficiency in the breast tissue will be very significant. Given this evidence, we can deduce that breast tissue should and would be the number one expected cancer site in women around the world. This is the main reason why there’s a massive rise in breast cancer. Harvard’s Dr. Willett gives us the proof: In a large study concerning the intake of parent omega 6 by over 80,000 nurses it was shown that the group with the lowest intake of linoleic acid (parent omega 6) exhibited the highest incidence of breast cancer. Even your ob-gyn doesn’t know that you need this miraculous anticancer nutrient.


Mike Maunu – Founder