Why Too Much Carbohydrates Fuels Cancer

carbohydratesHow much is too much carbohydrate? The simple answer to this question is, if you feel tired and sleepy after you eat then you have eaten too much carbohydrate. It’s as simple as that. If you eat natural fats and proteins, you will not feel fatigue or tiredness. Your daily target should be just a mere 1 teaspoon of glucose in the bloodstream, no more than 12 teaspoons of (glycemic) carbohydrate, 240 calories/60 grams.

There was an experiment conducted in Italy by Dr. Cavallino for overweight people with carbohydrates addiction. The study results show that PEOs eliminate carbohydrate cravings, reduce appetite, and increase energy and alertness.

  • The overall appetite was reduced in all 10 overweight patients. All of them are noted a good to excellent response, with 50% rating and excellent response.
  • Carbohydrate cravings were reduced in all 10 overweight patients, which is a hug 100% success. There were 9 people rated this reduction as excellent.

(You can see Scientific Support Section at PEO-Solution.com for the rest of the report.)

Remember that carbohydrates can implicate many health challenges. Increase in glucose (carbohydrate is a strong risk factor for colorectal cancer. To group of people with the highest blood insulin and glucose levels, more polyps occurred to them. If your carbohydrate consumption is more than what you need, the greater the increase in blood glucose and insulin, it means the greater the cancer risk. The more aggressive the cancer, the more deadly carbohydrate consumption is. In the book, “The Hidden Story of Cancer”, it was detailed that carbohydrates fuels cancer. It has also been proven that PEOs can eliminate carbohydrate cravings, therefore PEOs is the solution to decrease blood insulin and glucose levels.


Mike Maunu – Founder