Why You Should Use Organic Cooking Oil


extra virgin olive oil

It is better that households should use organically produced cooking oils that are sold at health food stores for cooking and avoid all commercial cooking oils that are being sold in local markets. Extra virgin olive oil is the well recommended, because it does not undergone harmful extreme cooking, no chemical additives or any chemical preservatives allowed in its manufacture. But you have to remember that you should only use olive oil for low-heat cooking and not for frying, because high heat will ruin olive oil, butter or any other oil containing unprocessed unsaturated fat.

If you want to deep fry or high temperature cooking , you can use coconut oil, grapeseed oil, palm oil, peanut oil, which is almost impossible to find organic. Lard is also ideal to use for deep frying as long as it is real lard which is not made from vegetable oil like Crisco, but from animal fat, heated and strained to form a semi-solid at room temperature. These oils and fats contain lots of saturated/monounsaturated fats so they don’t alter their structure when heated.

You should remember that natural fat like like organic cooking oil is good for human health. Natural unadulterated fat is human’s friend. Only fats naturally fulfill the appetite, they are more “calorie dense”. Nature did this on purpose. It is suggested that a blend with more parent omega 6 than parent omega 3 PEOs’ the opposite of what nearly everyone recommends. Parent Essential Oils or PEOs are great sources of the essential fats that your body needs that’s why you have to consume PEOs-rich diet like nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables, selected meat from animals that eat grass.


Mike Maunu – Founder