Why Your Body Requires a Lot of Parent Omega 6

Parent omega 6You will hear from people that too much Parent omega 6 can overdose patients, but this is not true. Your body requires lots of dietary Parent omega 6 to have a good health. The average person has approximately 11:1 Parent omega 6 to Parent omega 3 in organs and tissues when tissue analysis has been performed. Our body requires more Parent omega 6 than Parent omega 3. In fact, most Parent omega 3 is oxidized (burned for energy), unless the excess is so great that it can’t all be used, and a portion is improperly incorporated into tissue.

The bulk of Parent omega 6 is adulterated or oxidized and not fully usable. All the restaurants and supermarkets commercial cooking oil is adulterated and not fully functional. When you consume PEOs, they must be unprocessed or organically processed to guarantee full functionality and bioavailability. Adulterated Parents yield adulterated omega 6 derivatives.  When the sources of PEOs like fresh fruits and raw vegetables are cooked, PEOs and other nutrients will be lost. All you get is adulterated PEOs, and it is not good for the health. It can be a root cause of harmful illness like cancer and cardiovascular disease (CVD).

Neither Parent omega 3 nor its derivatives is ever used for baking or frying. Parent omega 3 is far too reactive and spoils much too easily (like rancid fish). So adulteration of Parent omega 3 is a small, insignificant issue. Adulteration of Parent omega 6 is by far the more significant issue.


Mike Maunu – Founder