Beauty Starts With Beautiful Skin

beautiful skinWhat all women need to know is that the PEO called Parent Omega 6 (LA) is at the heart of beautiful skin because it is the basis comprising all skin (epithelial tissue). Parent Omega 3 or its derivatives EPA/DHA (from fish oil) do not occur as a part of your patient’s skin unless they are unnaturally incorporated into it from pharmacological overdose of EPA/DHA. Parent Essential Oils or PEOs help improve your appearance in many ways. “Smooth as glass” fingernails result from Parent Omega 6, and your nails are much harder to break. And most remarkably, PEOs make cellulite a thing of the past.

Medical wellness spas need to put this discovery to work, too the “anti-cellulite” properties of PEOs are in a league of their own. Everyone should understand that external “moisturizers” aren’t fixing the underlying issue. They can’t since they are only a superficial treatment. In order to fix the problem, it requires the PEO Solution because only PEOs actually comprise the tissue; they work from the inside out.

As everyone knowns, even thin women, in spite of exercising often develop cellulite. Cellulite is tied to fat and the connective tissue matrix but there is much more to the story. There are numerous beauty experts that are recommending one solution to another without understanding physiology, the solution is elusive. You can’t exercise cellulite away, you can’t “moisturize it away” and you can’t even chemically remove it. Nowadays, laser treatment is the best solution, but laser treatment is just temporary. The only permanent solution to cellulite and how to have a beautiful skin is PEO Solution. It solves the deficiency that is the core of the problem, and it works for virtually everyone without exception.


Mike Maunu – Founder