PEO Solution As Skin Cancer Solution

Skin Cancer SolutionOne significant analysis of the trends of incidence of skin cancer worldwide from 1978 to 2002 indicated that, “The rise in the incidence of skin cancer leads us to conclude that measures of primary prevention are failing or insufficient, or that it is still too soon to evaluate their efficacy.” The failure to prevent skin cancer is primarily because of PEO adulteration and insufficient PEO Consumption , along with widespread recommendation of fish oil supplementation.

Another significant analysis on the progressive increase in the incidence of skin cancer revealed that more than two million people in the US develop over 3.5 million nonmelanoma skin cancers every year. Characterizing this increase as a worldwide epidemic. Something is very wrong. A third significant analysis reports that skin cancer incidence equals all other American malignancies combined.

The number of skin cancers in Medicare beneficiaries increased dramatically over the years 1992 to 2006, due mainly to an increase in the number of affected individuals (increasing 76.9 from 1992 to 2006). The worldwide cancer tragedy is the result of other nations following American’s wrong EFA advice. The tumors are becoming thicker due to higher and higher worldwide consumption of adulterated PEOs. Both conditions result in worldwide epidemics of (fully functional) patient PEO deficiency. In conclusion, the skin cancer solution or way to prevent from getting skin cancer is consumption of unadulterated PEOs or unprocessed foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, organic meat and other products like cheese and milk from animals that eat grass and not animal feeds.


Mike Maunu – Founder