What Customers Say...

July, 29th 2006
Dear Brian,

Although The Hidden Story of Cancer addresses cancer prevention, I thought it could be beneficial for anyone considering purchasing this book, to know how many more medical conditions can be helped by implementing the findings in this remarkable book. Our son, Rick, who is almost 11 years old now, has what is called Tuberous Sclerosis Complex, a condition which causes benign tumours to grow in the brain. Because of that he has severe intractable seizures.

When he was three years old, we put him on the so-called “ketogenic diet,”  because, after trying 20 different prescriptions, no seizure medication helped him. NONE ever made him even close to seizure-free. The ketogenic diet is a special method of treating epilepsy (seizure disorders). That diet did work for him for a while, but finally, the seizures returned, as fierce and powerful as ever. We didn’t know what to do anymore.

We couldn’t take him off the ketogenic diet, for that made his seizures worse altogether, so we knew that too many carbohydrates were not good for him. We learned as much as we could about carbohydrates, protein and oils. And finally we realized that it was not only the high carbohydrates that made him sick, but also the wrong kinds of fat. We learned about fats and oils and decided to put him on olive oil and fish oil capsules. Well, even though we knew those oils were a better choice, we didn’t see any change in his behavior or decrease in the frequency or intensity of his seizures.

For years we changed oils, trying all kinds of renowned fish oils on the market, from supermarket stuff to real expensive deep sea fish capsules, but nothing ever made a dent in the seizures he had and he didn’t get any better.

We even tried so-called “omega capsules” from a well known autism institute. They gave us cod liver oil and evening primrose oil. But Rick got worse. His seizures skyrocketed and he became very ill.

Then we took away all the oils, because the physicians said the worsening seizures could be a side-effect of the oils because of Rick’s autism. We never tried anything but olive oil after that. Although we knew that there was something healthy about omega3/6/9 in oils, we didn’t know what it was that was going to help Rick, so we stopped looking.

Then, after a few years of following Brian Peskin’s recommendations for my own health-related issues and seeing good results, I was finally confident enough and trusted Brian’s knowledge enough to try them with my son.

It was the best choice I have made for Rick so far. Within days of implementing the recommendations in this book, Rick became much more stable, so that now he is almost seizure-free. Now any seizures last for a couple of minutes and only occur once or twice a day. Before he had major Grand Mal seizures throughout the day. Rick is much more alert, his cognitive skills are so much better now and he is feeling so great! He has a radiant and shining skin, while before his skin was dry and needed to be moisturized every day. He is not sleeping during the day anymore and sleeps much better at night.

We have been able to reduce the ketogenic diet to a normal lower carbohydrate diet. Now my son is growing normally. Before implementing your recommendation, his growth had fallen very much behind average.

We are very thankful for finding this scientific information, especially the correct EFA requirements. If following your suggestions could help my son, imagine what it must be doing internally for the average person! Personally, I have never felt better.

My best to you Brian,

Lilian Beukhof, Veenendaal, the Netherlands

The Hidden Story of Cancer is a masterpiece of science based on real-life facts. It is very well written. Even I could understand the information. I was pleased (ecstatic) to know why I got cancer. I truly wish everyone could read this book. In sharing this information with others, it is amazing how they are not getting this [information] from their doctors, and even my own doctor [oncologist] does not know it. It's incredible.

Mary D. Ulsh, California

With Brian's program the most unbelievable part was that I didn’t want any sweets. Before your program, I could sit and eat a large bag of M&Ms in one sitting. I went 4 weeks before I ate any sweets. I don’t think about food all the time. Now, for the 1st time in my life food is not controlling me. Thank you for changing my life.

Patty P., Des Moines, IA.

I thank The Program’s founder, Brian, every day for taking years of his life to provide us with painstaking research and scientific data … [which] simply did not exist on any of the so-called “health programs” out there. I am a scientist, and although I never wanted to lose weight, I always wanted more energy. But I NEED the data to prove the claims. Until your program, I could not find it in anything at all.

Cam S., Japan

Brian’s program destroys most of what we have incorrectly been taught about diet and nutrition. Even though I am a nutritionist, and have worked in health stores for many years, I wasn’t aware of how we have been so misled and manipulated by certain industries. His program explains very complicated physiology in easy-to-understand terms. I like the fact that [the program] raises questions and encourages thinking about nutrition in terms of a “systems” approach.

Gloria C., Houston, TX.

In the past 2 months there have been some very remarkable changes in my husband’s energy level and my appetite…. The results are truly unbelievable.

Kristan C., St. Louis, MO.

I have been on Brian’s program for 4 months. I was schedule from a minor surgical procedure. The doctor turned to my daughter and said, ‘Do you know that your mother has the blood of a teenager?’ By the way, the doctor said the operation could not have gone better. I give all the credit to Brian.

Myrna S., Miami, FL.

Two years ago I had my first bone density scan – at my request. I’d taken dilantin for 30 years, went through menopause with no hormones, and am a coffee drinker. The results: osteopenia. Medical advice: get more calcium. My reaction: confusion, since I have lots of calcium in my diet. My mother-in-law has osteoporosis and my neighbor has a more advanced case. I watched them take fosamax, drink 3 glasses of milk, and decline and have more pain. Last month, I had my second bone scan. Doc said, ‘Your bones are good – keep exercising.’ The results are incredible. Two years ago at age 58 my bone density was 80 mg/cm3 while average was 111. Today my bone density is 117 and average has dropped to 106. I increased nearly 50% while that average person lost. In 2 years I went from the bones of a 75-year old to the bones of a 56-year old. I used to have headaches that lasted 2-3 days and didn’t respond to aspirin. After a year or two on Brian's program, my headaches almost disappeared. They’re rare, mild, and respond to aspirin. I just had my teeth cleaned. The hygienist asked if my dilantin had been decreased --- my gums are the healthiest she’s ever seen them. Let’s not overlook my blood profile. My cholesterol is 206 (high they say) and my HDL is 80 (high). There’s a note beside that that says, “good to be high.” Not bad for someone who’s eating butter, beef, and close to 2 dozen eggs per week. I’m grateful. Thanks.

H. H., IA.

I am following up on testifying how great Brian's program really is. I recently had blood work done to see how things really look and they are so good… People can not believe how good my cholesterol is... I was also very happy with my glucose at 76 because my mother is a diabetic. Oh, by the way, last June 4th [10 months before starting your program] my cholesterol was 321. Thanks again.

Douglas G., Kutetown, PA.

I was able to fit into my “tight” jeans when my baby was 1 month old – for my other pregnancies it was 1 year! I gained the least weight of the 4 pregnancies while following Brian’s program. My baby is 10 months old, and has been breast-fed while I am following the program’s recommendations, and has not been on any antibiotics – unlike my other 3 children by that age. At 10 months my baby still gets up around 4 times a night – but with your science, I have the energy to keep up with him (even at age 44).

Rhonda H. (via e-mail)

I’m an 83-year old lady who felt her life was over. I was tired all the time. After following Brian’s program one month my energy is back and I have lost 8 pounds. It’s given me a new lease on life.

Rebecca G. (via e-mail)

When my husband was 35 years old he was diagnosed with Diabetes. The Doctors gave him medication and prescribed low fat diet and exercise. Even with that, his sugar rarely went under 160. Then the Doctor put him on Blood Pressure medicine. Then his stomach problems (that he had for several years) really started bothering him. We went to another Doctor and after several tests he was told that he would have to take Prilosec for the rest of his life. So now he is on 6 different medications at the age of 38! After following Brian's program for 5 months, he is off all his medication! His sugar rarely goes over 120, his blood pressure is normal and he has little or no stomach problems, and HE’S LOST 30 LBS.!!!!!! I have also lost 30 pounds, gone from a size 18 to a size 12. We feel great!! I’ve also felt the health effects. I barely even know when my monthly cycle is coming and very little discomfort during. In the past few years I’ve also suffered from Migraine headaches occasionally, but since following the recommendation in your program, (knock on wood) I haven’t gotten one. Brian's program has literally changed our lives. Thank you.

Tom & Lori S., Lehigh Acres, FL

I owe you a big Thank You, Brian. Since last year my wife has lost 80 pounds. And looks great. No cellulite. Period. She looks better than when I met her @ 19 years old (12 years ago). Thanks for doing the research. I’m now married to a woman with the maturity of a 35-year old AND the body of an 18-year old. Life is good.

Philip H. (via e-mail)

I began Brian's program in June. After following the program for 1 month my glucose level dropped approximately 100 points. I was having a problem getting my glucose level under 200 points. Keep up the fabulous work.

Suzanne P., Houston, TX.

In the past year or so I have lost 31 pounds and have also cut my blood pressure medicine from 10mg daily to 2.5mg three times a week. My blood pressure is usually lower now than when I was taking all the medication. I feel better. I feel I am doing the right thing for me. Thanks again.

Jan O. (via e-mail)

I am a 43-year old male. Using Brian's program 4 months I have lost 41 pounds and feel great. I have more energy for my workouts and I have lost my food cravings (I had been addicted to junk – chocolate, pastries, soda, etc. for the past 40+ years). I wish I had discovered Brian’s program years ago. Thanks!

Steve P., Chicago, IL.

I gave the science a try. Five months later I have lost 50 pounds. When I came home from work I would spend almost all of my time either on the couch or in bed. What a sad life always tired. NOW when I come home from work (or even overtime) I have so much energy left I can do my yard work and exercise. My weekends are now fun and free from work. I also have sleep apnea and a breathing machine. Since following the suggestions in Brian's Program I hardly use my machine. I sleep much better and sounder. Thank you.

William M., Rochester, NY

I have been following Brian's program for 10 weeks. I have lost 15 lbs., down from 170 lbs. to 155 lbs. Most importantly, my average blood sugar has dropped from an average of around 225 to an acceptable 110. With a dramatic drop in “spiking” levels. This has all been accomplished relatively painlessly. All previous attempts to bring the blood sugar to “normal” levels meant starving myself and a continual exercise regimen, which due to my travel schedule was almost impossible to maintain in any kind of normal lifestyle pattern. Brian’s program has made a vast difference in my life, with my energy levels skyrocketing.

Susan O., Boston, MS.

Everything is coming down... weight (lost 22 lbs.) Blood Pressure (5 - 10 points), stress... everything! We are really enjoying the benefits thus far.

Peter T., Southlake, TX.

My family and I started Brian's program and at that time I weighed 265 lbs., wore size 42 pants and 2XL shirts... both of which were very tight, making me keep my gut sucked in constantly. I’m now at 219 lbs, wearing size 36 jeans, size large shirts (which are not tight). My belt, which was getting stretched barely making the last hole, now sports a new hole I’ve had to make in it because the last hole for the smallest size is not too big! My wife has lost about 30 lbs. now, down from 255 to about 225, dropped 4 inches off her waist, she’s wearing shirts that haven’t fit in years. This is all without counting calories, eating as much “good” food as we ”want” to eat. We NEVER feel hungry, food cravings are a thing of the past!

Brian F., Houston, TX.

Jan 26, 2007
Dear Professor Peskin, This is a testimony to your EFA oil formula. I am 61 years old and in fairly good health. However, most of my life, since about 12 years old, I suffered with a condition of difficult breathing through my nose. I just couldn’t breathe normally. I had to breathe through my mouth all those years. After taking your oil formula I was able to breathe through my nose freely for the first time in 49 years. I actually feel like an entirely different person. It’s just exhilarating for experience the use of my nose again. Thank you for your work. You should be awarded a Nobel Prize for your discovery.

Elbie Johnson

I have followed Brian's program for about 70 days and I’m Amazed at the results. I am a diabetic. My sugar levels were recently measured at 110. When I was diagnosed it was 500. Real-life results. Thank you for giving me choices that work.

Donna W., Kissimmee, FL.

My most noticeable effect of Brian's program is that I have not had a single headache since I started….. To many people this may not sound like much, but I suffer from migraines and it is a BIG, BIG benefit.

Lisa L., St. Louis, MO.

I had a child 10 months ago. Before following Brian's program, I felt tired all the time. What a difference now. I can finally get up in the morning like I used to... I steadily lost excess body fat. I stopped exercising for an entire month due to traveling, yet still lost 15 pounds... I wish I had known about this discovery during my pregnancy.

Danette L., Houston, TX.

I recently started on Brian's program about 12 weeks ago and have seen outstanding results in that time. I have completely changed my eating habits. My weight has dropped 20 pounds without even dieting, my blood pressure has dropped from 154/90 to 117/78 and my pulse has dropped from 92 to 64 on the average. I now only take my blood pressure medication in the morning. I have stopped taking one in the evening. My blood sugar has gone from 214 to 115 and I now have cut my glucotrol XL to only 1 tablet once a day each morning, and these readings are taken in the morning before breakfast. I have much more energy and even workout every morning now for the last month. I can’t wait to see the results after 6 months or 1 year.

A.W -- Windham, OH.

I thought you may be interested to know I have just competed in the London Marathon, and I did it! 5:29:59. Not only did I do it, but low-carb as well. I ignored all the advice written in the various magazines and articles. I stuck to Brian's program. Runners talk of ‘hitting the wall.’ All I can say is ‘what wall?’ There were diabetes testing stations around the course. I stopped to be tested. The nurses said my sugar was a bit low. I knew it was perfect. It seemed churlish to refuse their offer of sweets. After all, they seemed so concerned about me. I took some and threw them away after I had gone a few yards. The other remarkable thing is I recovered so quickly. With kindest regards,

Trevor L., London, U.K.

I am a 60-year old man and have followed Brian's program. When I started I was almost 200 pounds and border line high blood pressure. I am only 5’ 8”. I have had blind migraines since I was in 5th grade. I lost almost 30 pounds. Blood pressure is normal, and I haven’t had a migraine since starting The Program. A lot of people are blessed by your research.

Glen M., Johnson, VT.

I am an R.N. on a cardiac care unit. I’ve been using Brian's program for 6 weeks and feel wonderful. I’ve reviewed all the information twice – didn’t want to miss a word. I’ve already influenced 5 other nurses. My goal is to spread the truth to as many nurses as I find willing to listen. Thank you so much for The Program.

Vera D. (via e-mail)

From newspaper story in Ireland: In just 4 weeks John lost 23 pounds and 32 inches of body fat; Carmel loses 12 pounds and 21 inches of body fat. I’m not really hungry at all when it comes to the 3rd meal of the day. I don’t even get the cravings for sweets at that time of the month now…. I feel stronger and more energetic than I’ve ever felt. Everybody has commented on my weight loss – a colleague from Paris said I looked 10 years younger. Now the bloating is gone, I feel light and agile…. I’m down three sizes from my usual. Yes, I’m getting far more satisfaction out of the weight loss than tucking into pastries.

John O., Ireland UK.

On Brian's program I stopped craving starches, sugar, and salt. For the first time in my life I experienced that appetite shutoff mechanism that had previously been so foreign to me. I could now eat a meal and feel completely satisfied to the point of not even thinking about food until much later in the day. My mood swings disappeared too. And I have energy now. I’ve only followed your program for 3 months now, but I truly believe that continuing with this will be the answer to my prayers. After 23 years of suffering with this eating disorder, I am finally on my way to being completely healthy and well. I’m very grateful. I hope others with eating disorders learn about the principles in Brian's program so that they too can gain control over their eating and their lives. With kindest regards….

Jodi M., Kenner LA.

I am writing to inform you how pleased I am with Brian's program. The results with our children have been amazing. We have three children ages 12, 9, and 5. Our middle son not only was overweight he also had a very difficult time with his concentration. And school work. His grades were just above failing and he was struggling. Although he was never tested for Attention Deficit Disorder I’m sure he would have fit into that category. I could see his self-esteem was deteriorating from the teasing of being overweight, but what was most hurtful to us was that he also thought of himself as stupid. We were apprehensive about using any of the commonly used drugs for his attention span. Then we found out about your program. The first 2 weeks on the program we saw not only weight loss in our son but with my wife and myself also. School now starting, we were hopeful that our son’s grades would improve. We did not expect the effect of our son’s experience. He brought up his grades in the 1st quarter and has maintained an A/B average all year long. He has also participated in the school’s physical fitness program in the pushup competition with 93 completed in 1 minute…. Fantastic as these results are what amazed us most was the ease in which these changes took place. The weight loss was not a grueling task of denial and the grade improvement was not the result of long hours spent with homework or tutoring. It was proof to us that your program was the only factor we used to help not only our son, but the whole family. Thank you so much for the program. I’m sure our son would be floundering had we not used your system. Harvey L., Milton F
In 8 months of Brian’s program I lost 40 pounds and went from a size 42 to a 36. My blood sugar is back to normal. Dr. has taken me off all my medication. I have my father on Brian’s program. He is 82 and has also gone from size 42 to 38 and is feeling a lot better. My wife has gone from a size 8 to a size 4 and is doing much better. I could go on and on but I think you understand how much better we are all doing. We thank you very much. You have given us a new lease on life.

Roy B & Stan S., Houston, TX.

Brian's Program is wonderful. I have been slightly overweight most of my life and after going on hormones a few years ago, my cravings increased significantly causing me to gain weight. But now since starting your program, my cravings are almost zero and I have lost 40 pounds. I have introduced several friends to The Program and they are having great results also.

Renee D., Cypress, TX.

My husband and I have been on Brian's program for about 6 months. It’s wonderful!!!!! Between the two of us we have lost over 150 pounds! Both of us are now off blood pressure medicine. It’s such a blessing. I have muscular dystrophy and it has helped in so many ways. The burning in the muscles and joints it has relieved 50%. You see now I know our prayers are answered. Thank you so much for all your hard work and research in this field.

Gayle C. (via e-mail)

The first week of following Brian's program I lost my desire for sugar and candy.

Judith P., Springfield, IL.

I am a 37-year old Chiropractic Physician. After 6 weeks of following Brian's program, for the first time in my life I don’t feel controlled by the constant thoughts of food and the “eat, crave, eat, crave” cycle. Thank you a thousand times over. This information has probably saved my marriage!

Denise L., Webster, FL.

(From Europe – UK via e-mail) The response to some people we know has been nothing short of fantastic: This week I’ve heard of a 6-year old child who had eczema – gone in 2 weeks. A major reduction in suffering caused by Tinutis. A lady who has suffered from aching breasts every month for 6 years (as her cycle approaches) reports this pain has disappeared in 3 weeks. Athletes foot: had for 2 years – gone in 3 weeks.
I have been using Brian's program for 2 months. I am 52, in good health, and looking forward to getting healthier. Following Brian's program has eliminated my cravings for sweets. Two meals a day are adequate I do not feel hungry. I believe your program is a very good change in my life and my attitude. Thank you for educating me.

Patricia W. (via e-mail)

My wife and I have been on Brian's program for 8 months and have had excellent results. My wife has lost 42 lbs., I have lost 60 lbs. We feel better, etc...just as you predicted. We have recruited several folks in our small community and they are having great results also. Thank you for your hard work.

Bob C., New Virginia, IA.