What Physicians Say...

"In the last ninety-three years, there have been only two monumental works that have succeeded in explaining the actual cause and treatment of cancer. Professor Brian Scott Peskin’s The Hidden Story of Cancer, which details a scientific breakthrough that explains Dr. Warburg’s research and introduces new science that will prevent cancer. This is undoubtedly a breakthrough of biblical proportions.”

Bernardo C. Majalca, N.D.
(Stage Four Cancer Researcher)

"Earth-Shattering and Historically Significant."

David Sim, M.D.
(Interventional Cardiologist)

“I’ve been studying Health & Nutrition for over 25 years. Your book, Brian, is “knocking the socks off of me.”  People won’t believe me when I say how can something as complicated as cancer and other degenerative diseases have such a simple solution."

Mahalo, Gary Shimabukuro (Honolulu, Hawaii)

“Physicians and their patients around the world owe you a big ‘thank you.’... I am strongly recommending this book to all my patients.”

Angelo A. Della Pietra, M.D., D.O. (Family & Integrative Medicine)

“Impeccable research and novel insights of sheer genius. This knowledge is priceless for your future health.”

Brian N. Vonk, M.D. (Board certified: Internist, Cardiologist, Radiologist)

“One of the most significant health discoveries of the 21st century. It is extraordinary.”

Stephen Cavallino, M.D. (Emergency Physician), Italy

"Phenomenal research and top-notch writing.”

Shane Ellison, M.Sc., (Author and Drug Chemist)

“Peskin follows the Nobel Prize-winner Otto Meyerhof by brilliantly bringing engineering into the fields of physiology and biochemistry. His anticancer discovery is worthy of a Nobel Prize.”

Charles Jannuzi, (Articulatory Phonology), University of Fukui, Japan

"Prof. Peskin ‘s insights and ideas are an invaluable contribution to my understanding of fish oil.”

Dr. Brownstein

"Prof. Peskin consistently leads the field with science-based medicine. PEO Solution is a masterpiece of the highest order (amazingly, it is easy to comprehend) and clearly cements Peskin as the world's leading physiologic EFA expert. Combined with the terrific insights of Dr. Rowen, no medical professional can afford to miss reading this monumental work. As far as I am concerned the top three supplements everyone should be taking are PEOs, PEOs, and PEOs."

Steve Helschien, D.C. (USA) Founder: Level 1 Diagnostics (Cardiovascular Disease Prevention), Level 1 Therapeutics

“The most brilliant and exhilarating portrayal of researched truths ever published that is necessary for health and survival. This book is a MUST for everyone who wants to live disease-free.”

Dawn “Medicine” Wolf, M.D., Ph.D.
(Homeopathic Physician/Preventive Medicine)

"To save your health and your life you must read this book... I hope other physicians will become aware of this groundbreaking information.”

Abram Ber , M.D.
(Homeopathic Physician/Preventive Medicine)

“I refused to endorse any specific nutritional supplements until reading this book. Peskin’s discovery has completely changed my view on supplement recommendations; especially as it pertains to what the human body demands and requires. Every Chiropractor needs to incorporate this discovery.”

Richard Thompson, D.C. (Family Practice)

"The most insightful quantum nutritionist of our age brings us the most insightful nutritional cancer discovery of the 21st century. No one else is even close to matching his deep insight and understanding."

Robert Nemer, D.O. (Cosmetic Laser Physician)

"The most thoroughly researched nutritional anticancer program that I have ever seen. My patients have also noticed their energy levels have skyrocketed..."

Clive Fields, M.D. (Family Practice)

"An amazing insight...that everyone needs to know.”

Robert Jay Rowen, M.D. (Editor-in-chief: Second Opinion Newsletter)

"Everyone should read this book and follow the recommendations."

F. Hajar, M.D. (Pediatric Cancer Specialist)

"Details that could throw doubt on your interpretation must be given, if you know them. If you make a theory, for example, and advertise it, or put it out, then you must also put down all the facts that disagree with it."

Richard Feynman, Nobel Prize-winning physicist

"Just finished PEO Solution. It's a game changer! Congratulations on putting together an all-encompassing, informational bomb like this. The science is irrefutable. I will be giving this to a few colleagues and see their reaction. I think it will be quite the wake up call!"

Dr. Jeff Matheson, Executive Medical Director, CPM [Chronic Pain Management] Healthcare Clinics, Ontario, Canada

Note: The standards at Chronic Pain Management (CPM) clinics became the basis of the current College of Physicians and Surgeons   standards to which all clinics in Ontario now must adhere.

"I have never seen such a remarkable result. When he [the patient] stopped the PEOs the plaque came back!"

Robert Kagan, M.D., Radiologist (USA) & Former Chairman of the Board of Nuclear Medicine Resource Committee of the American Pathologists