Why Fish Oil Deprives the Muscles of Fuel

PEOsIt has been proven how fish oil raised blood glucose levels which deprive the muscle of fuel. Fish oil significantly blunted the use of glucose by over 20%. Fresh fruit provides an excellent mixture of several natural carbohydrate sources. For a maximum performance, every athlete needs every possible advantage and this “secret” allows an important advantage. And for even more athlete advantage, add PEOs on your diet daily.

According to “British Medical Journal of Nutrition”, fish oil considerably reduces the glucose metabolic clearance rate, which is a terrible effect for an athlete. An athlete needs glucose, but they need it properly utilized, which fish oil reduces. Their study showed the fish oil consumption reduced the rate that glucose disappeared by 26%.

The study also showed a 40% decrease in the insulin response to an oral glucose challenge following a three-week supplementation with fish oil. It also showed that, in those membranes which had incorporated the fish oil, the composition remained altered at least 18 weeks after the fish oil consumption was discontinued. It also showed that fish oil, over a 3-week period, reduced production of glucose by the liver by 21% and reduced clearance of glucose by 26%.7

Glucose is the muscle’s #1 fuel during training. [Glucose is not the body’s preferred energy source; fatty acids are. Basic Medical Biochemistry – A Clinical Approach, pages: 29, 145, 203, 272, 357.] It has been explained that marine oil / fish oil supplements both decrease fuel production and stop fuel delivery of glucose to muscles during exercise/training. These will greatly affect athletes and could be harmful to their health. Athletes who consume fish easily get tired during training. The simple solution to all these is, replace fish oil with fuel rich PEOs.


Mike Maunu – Founder