Fruits Contain Great Amount of PEOs

PEOsDuring the early days, early people do not eat cooked food. They naturally eat fruits as their staple food, because fruit trees are their sources of food as designed by nature.  Fruits are their sources of energy, carbohydrates, sugar and most of all great sources of Parent Essential Oils (PEOs).

Fresh fruits are great sources of PEOs as well as source of quick energy. Foods that are picked directly from fruit trees are the ones that our body needs to supply the required PEOs. Today, the food that we eat does not contain PEOs anymore because of food processing. Even fruits have undergone processing when they are turned into juices not just by simple juicing process like the canned juice that we buy from the supermarket. Even preserved canned fruits do not contain PEOs anymore.

In order to get the juice out of the fruit, the only simple process that should be done is by naturally squeezing it. It still keeps the fruit’s freshness and even the fiber that our body needs. We are all aware that fruits are superior to fruit juice and fiber, therefore they should remain intact when we consume them.

There are benefits of fruits that you should be aware. Aside from being a great source of fiber, PEOs, sugar and carbs, they can easily get you full. Therefore if you consume a whole fruit before meal, you will feel fuller and it helps decrease your appetite. Not only that, they can fulfill your sweet cravings.

Remember: Humans can’t utilize fructose [sugar] from more than 2 pieces of fruit at a time. Basic Medical Biochemistry – A Clinical Approach, pg. 404.


Mike Maunu – Founder